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Maids in dubai for house cleaning services

Terms and Condition

A - Liability

By using our service you agree that our liability to you for any reason whatsoever, and for any damages direct, consequential or otherwise shall be limited to 1000AED per customer.

B - Cancellation Policy:

Company should be informed at least 24 hours in advance about the cancellation of your appointment. Otherwise the cancellation fee of 1 hour work (30 AED) will be charged as we might be unable to fill this spot. In case you are not informing us that you prefer to cancel/reschedule the appointment, the full bill will still be due. While travelling abroad, please let us know before head, which will allow us to give you better service and we could manage the schedule up to your requirements.

C - Payments

If you have asked for one-time cleaning the amount should be paid in cash directly to the cleaner, once her work is done. Don’t forget to ask for your receipt and leave your comments on our copy, which will help us to improve our service. In case you are our regular client (on weekly /monthly basis), please provide us the payment by the end of the week/month in cash or cheque.

D - Safety Policy

-Master Maids reserves the right to leave the home in case we feel our personal safety is in danger from either another human being or animal.

-Please be advised that we do not clean up blood and vomit.

Also make notice that we do not touch desks unless they are straightened, empty, or asked by the client. Kindly put aside or inform the cleaner concerning the important documentation.

P.S: Some of our clients keep their keys with us. Some others leave them at the reception, or under the mat. We are extremely careful in how we handle your keys, but we cannot assume liability for any losses.

All your instructions will be printed & given to your maid on the days of her visits to your home. Please call/email at any time with your suggestions and your personal requirements.

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